Friday, January 15, 2010

Just Trying to Sit Down...

This week we had orientation for Student Teaching...which was pretty boring at times..and pretty interesting at times as well!

I wasn't going to blog about this event that transpired on Tuesday, however; I feel that I must! Now girls that know me, I will have to retell this story in will be much better in person! Anyway..If you don't know me..I am very easily startled.

So, we were sitting, waiting for orientation to begin for the day when all of the sudden out of my peripheral vision I notice a bearded face...right there between mine and my friend, Meghan's, shoulders. I was so startled by this bearded face that I immediately jumped into FIGHT or FLIGHT mode and screamed..."AHHH WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?"
I believe I frightened the poor man much, much more than he frightened me. His eyes were as big as saucrers as he exclaimed "I'm just trying to sit down!" (If you could only have seen his face!) lol

Immedatily, after I managed to make a complete fool of myself in front of all of my fellow classmates, I realized what I had done and burst out laughing so hard that I cried. I tried to somehow regain some composer after explaining how ridiculosy stupid I can be and how sorry I was for my behavior. This is, I believe, the most embarrassing thing I have done this far into my life. I hope to not top this one..haha Anyway, I have laughed about this so many times this week..and it definaly made this week much less boring!


Tiffany said...

o Hope I can just imagine this!!! I laughed so hard out loud when i ready this. you are too crazy! we need a girls night asap!

Anonymous said...

Lol....You made my day with laughters....It's scare you and that just you when you get scared....Maybe that will be the only embarrament for you for the rest of your life...Still laughing...You have a wonderful week..Love you my sweet little Hope...Smiles & Hugs
Aunt Kat